Art exhibitions

In Jaloe Art you will find an exclusive selection of art pieces, from a wide variety of styles and from the  very latest trends, all carefully chosen.

Our pieces of art have been designed by both national and international well known artists, from a wide variety of countries. We also have works from promising artists who have already tasted success in their professional careers. 

We add new creations to our exhibition every week. You will no doubt find new delightful acquisitions every time you visit us.

We also make an effort to have affordable prices. 

Besides, if you have either a vague or a definite idea of what you would like to acquire for your home, let us know and we will help you find it.

Art advisors

At Jaloe Art Gallery we have an extensive experience and knowledge in the field. We can, therefore  offer our clients the best personalised advice to select the perfect and dreamed piece of art.

There are many different factors to take into account when choosing art: measurement, style, colour, luminosity of the given space, it’s decoration and distribution, budget, etc. Thus, we offer ,completely free of cost, a personalised project to those clients who desire to purchase art for their office, their home, their company, etc. If you are interested in this service, please contact us fo more details.


We have an exclusive framing service for clients who visit us in the gallery. We can create and customise any design and framing that harmonises with the aesthetics and decoration of your home, company, office. 

We offer a wide variety of frames in modern and classic styles. We also make frames with avant-garde, different and innovative concepts.

We do craftsman work, showing great dedication, determination and enthusiasm in each of our clients' orders.

We offer all our experience and professional advice to help you choose the best  possible option. We also use high- quality raw materials.

That is why the quality and results of our frames are well known throughout the area. We are grateful that our clients continue choosing us for their framing jobs.

We also manufacture large-format canvases as well as their custom framing ,for those clients who desire to purchase large-scale works of art.

However,  the vast majority of the works of art that we have on display at JALOE ART, are sold framed with the quality and innovation that characterise us.

International shipping

All our pieces of art are available to clients worldwide. We take care of all the needed paperwork ( customs , logistics, etc), so that the piece of art reaches its destination as soon as possible. From three to fifteen days depending on the country’s destination .

We, also guarantee that each shipment will be protected during the whole journey, and that it will arrive safely. We use customized hand made wooden boxes. They are of great quality and have been protecting our overseas shipments during the past years. The work of art reaches “ home” intact. 

Nonetheless, in the event that it may suffer from the journey, our full coverage insurance would take care of it. You have nothing to worry about.

You may find a more detailed explanation of what to do if your package is damaged or broken on the tab “ Shipping policies “.