About us

From the first generation to our day, we have accumulated more than forty years of experience, and its rich legacy has been transmitted from generation to generation with much love, patience and considerable effort.


Jaloe Art Gallery is a contemporary art gallery that opened its doors in 2018. From its inception, our team has been dedicated to a single, yet important objective; to bring the beauty and value of art to society, so that people can truly appreciate and enjoy it. We understand that art carries a significant aesthetic and visual weight, but it is also a reflection of our personalities, our era, and elevates our intrinsic values. It has the ability to inspire and challenge us in profound ways.

As art enthusiasts, we believe that everyone should have access to art that moves them, and this is precisely what we strive to achieve at Jaloe Art Gallery. We curate and showcase a carefully selected range of contemporary art works that are thought-provoking, innovative, and emotionally resonant. Our goal is to offer our clients a rich, diverse and stimulating experience that encourages them to explore new ideas, perspectives and styles.

At Jaloe Art Gallery, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. Our knowledgeable and experienced art team is always available to provide expert advice, guidance and support to our clients. We work closely with our clients, to understand their preferences and artistic vision, so that we can assist them in choosing the perfect artwork that best reflects their individual taste, style, and personality.

Our collection of contemporary art works features some of the most interesting and dynamic artists of our time. We believe in celebrating the diversity and individuality of artists, and as such, we are always updating our collection with new and exciting works from different styles and artists. We aim to make our gallery a space where art enthusiasts can explore, discover and connect with some of the most exciting artists working today.