About us

From the first generation to our day, we have accumulated more than forty years of experience, and its rich legacy has been transmitted from generation to generation with much love, patience and considerable effort.


Our company is not just about Art strictly speaking, it is much more than that. It is about the inheritance, the legacy, that our grandparents and parents have left us with. It is for this reason that we wish to keep the gift we received and want to make it grow, while being loyal to our roots and its very essence.

Jaloe Art’s project is a  family project. It springs from our direct family, integrated by its five members. JALOE is an acronym of our first names.

JALOE Art Project became a reality during the Summer of 2018, when we inaugurated our contemporary art gallery. It was designed following a minimalist design. We exhibit art works from a variety of styles and techniques. From local to international artists. Every week we receive new art pieces, creations, works of art that can make you fall in love with them, fall in love with their light, with their master use of technique, with their skillful mix of colours and shades and perspective. 

This Art Gallery owes its existence to our willing dedication and effort. We have an earnest, sincere desire to provide a newer, fresher approach, a much more modern, youngish and daring one. Remembering that we can always rely on the priceless, and very much appreciated, experience of our dear parents.