Alicante, 1992. Since he was a child, the artist Okova has been related to the world of art in all its facets and in contact with great artists, since he grew up in an artistic family environment. This prompted that in his adolescence he began to develop his talent as an artist. Little by little, he perfected his style and techniques until he reached the defined style that characterizes this great artist today. A very personal style, full of bold colors and strong brushstrokes. Works of art that when you look at them, do not leave you indifferent and that bring elegance and class to any space.

His artistic style has captivated the Scandinavian public, being his main collectors.

In addition to the abstract style, he has also created unique designs based on abstract and figurative compositions that are a complete success. He also makes works of art commissioned by his clients.

We can find his works in private collections in countries such as Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, England, Germany, Belgium, the United States, among others.