KYNX describes himself as a multifaceted and self-sufficient artist. The development of his techniques comes only from an observant vision of everything that surrounds him. As well as his travels around the world, specifically when visiting Utah, with its characteristic toasted colors and shapes that nature has capriciously sculpted. And from his time in such iconic cities as New York and Seattle, he has found inspiration in straight, urban forms, in durable materials such as steel and cement, and in bright, vivid colors. The thought of "If someone has been able to do this, I can too" has led him to constant experimentation with materials and techniques.

It was in this way that he learned to make concrete, a material that captured his attention in a very intense way. He himself makes his own frames for the formwork as well as the floor. Metal is something that also fascinates KYNX, who feels enormous pleasure working with it, shaping it, welding it, cutting it... With these two elements, in which he feels good creating in this artistic stage of his life, which, according to what he says the artist, will use until he finds something that catches his attention, presents this collection "Bridges"