Helder Batista, a self-taught sculptural artist born in Paris in 1964 and now residing near Cahors, explores the potential of everyday objects and challenges the notion that they are destined for waste.

Batista's artistic journey began with an epiphany, and he is particularly fascinated by the complexity and possibilities inherent in these objects. 

He avoids contaminating the found objects he works with, believing that assigning value to some while discarding others only leads to waste. Instead, Batista sublimates and recycles the materials, allowing them to express their own stories and giving them new artistic significance. Even a simple clear acrylic mold can transform ordinary objects like Lego or Red Shoes into thought-provoking artworks by changing their context.

Batista's broader body of work explores themes such as nonsense, consumerism, globalization, and overconsumption without seeking definitive explanations. By playing rather than lecturing, Batista maintains a playful approach while pointing out serious societal disparities. He welcomes discussion but resists projecting specific interpretations onto his pieces.

selected artworks