Angela Carli, born in Siena, Italy in 1978, is an artist who discovered her love for drawing, painting, and colors at an early age. She attended the Art Institute in Siena and later the Fine Art Academy in Florence. Her passion for artistic expression led her to open her first studio in 2002 and a personal gallery in Siena's historic center in 2018

Carli's studies culminated in a dissertation titled "The Nude Art and Mass Media," which explored the relationship between the human body, image perception, and advertising dynamics. This research inspired her latest works in pop art style, focusing on icons and the influence of advertising on our reality.

Carli's art primarily revolves around female iconic themes, portraying strong, fragile, and controversial women. She pays special attention to the eyes in her paintings, considering them the gateway to the soul. Carli believes that they convey a multitude of emotions and are crucial for capturing the essence of her subjects.

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Carli has taught painting at her own academy and exhibited her work in galleries across Italy and France. Her unique style, characterized by vibrant colors and a modern aesthetic, has garnered attention and appreciation from art enthusiasts.

Angela Carli's artistic journey is a testament to her passion for self-expression and her exploration of the influence of media and icons in our society.