5 Artists to Watch in 2024

Our curators highlight five international artists whose work they recommend following in 2024.

At Jaloe Art Gallery, we've always looked beyond borders, eager to share remarkable artists' stories and perspectives with everyone, no matter where they are. These artists come from diverse backgrounds worldwide. Here are five international artists our team thinks you should keep an eye on in 2024.


Okova is a highly creative artist who not only limits himself to working with traditional art techniques, but also enjoys making his own canvases or working bases. By doing so, he can control the size and texture of his work, allowing him to express himself in a more authentic and personal way. According to Okova, a large part of his work is inspired by human emotions and experiences. He uses his art as a way to explore the complexity of emotions and give shape to the experiences we all share.



"I wanted to sculpt what is considered the most technically challenging part of the human body: the hands." This symbol and its various expressive recreations form the core of an artistic production that crosses borders. Venice, Shanghai, Cannes, Majorca and Giza are just some of the many cities that have witnessed his exhibitions.

"Hands have a lot of power: they love, hate, create and destroy".



Covella has a distinctive style that's all her own. With her abstract paintings, she invites us on a vibrant visual adventure, using pastel and vivid colors chosen with care. In her pieces, you'll discover a rich interplay of textures, materials, and techniques, all coming together to form dynamic scenes that captivate the viewer.

Her art graces private collections across the globe, from Germany to Sweden, Norway to Denmark, Ireland to Belgium, and Finland, among many others. Now, her work is making waves in the USA too!


Angela Carli

Her paintings often portray women as strong yet fragile, tender yet controversial, with their eyes serving as windows to their souls, radiating emotion and depth. Carli's process begins with the eyes, considering them the key to unlocking the essence of her subjects. Despite her success, she remains true to her artistic vision, unafraid to destroy a canvas if the eyes do not meet her expectations.



Helder Batista is a self-taught artist who works in both sculpture and painting. He was born in 1964 in Paris, where he took evening classes at the École des Beaux-Arts. A multidisciplinary artist, he works across different materials and supports such as resin, concrete, wood, neon, oil, and acrylic paint.