Always surrounded by oils, paints, brushes and frames, Covella began to feel a passion for art very young, when she was only 6 years old, thanks mainly to her grandfather, who was an artist. He motivated the artist to make her first drawings. This artistic environment has always accompanied her. 

Covella dedicates herself professionally to the world of painting, something that fulfils and satisfies her. In her paintings we can see her love of art and how she uses her own language to evoke sincere feelings and perceptions. Covella has a very defined style, through abstract painting she takes us on a visual journey full of pastel, vivid and carefully selected colours. In her works we find textures, different materials and techniques that together create a dynamic scenario where the whimsical strokes of the artist fill our eyes. 

Her works are exhibited at a private level in countries such as Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Belgium, Finland, among others.