Angela Carli, born in Siena, Italy, in 1978, has been passionate about painting since her youth. Graduating first from the School of Applied Arts of Siena "Duccio di Buoninsegna," and later from the Florence Academy of Fine Arts, she developed a distinctive style characterized by vibrant colors and dynamic compositions. Carli's artwork primarily focuses on iconic feminine themes, paying homage to women who have battled for freedom and independence in our patriarchal society.

Her paintings often portray women as strong yet fragile, tender yet controversial, with their eyes serving as windows to their souls, radiating emotion and depth. Carli's process begins with the eyes, considering them the key to unlocking the essence of her subjects. Despite her success, she remains true to her artistic vision, unafraid to destroy a canvas if the eyes do not meet her expectations.

Beyond her studio practice, Carli has shared her expertise by teaching painting classes at her own academy and exhibiting her work in galleries across Italy and France.