Okova is a highly creative artist who not only limits himself to working with traditional art techniques, but also enjoys making his own canvases or working bases. By doing so, he can control the size and texture of his work, allowing him to express himself in a more authentic and personal way. According to Okova, a large part of his work is inspired by human emotions and experiences. He uses his art as a way to explore the complexity of emotions and give shape to the experiences we all share.

Furthermore, he mentioned that his creative process often begins with an image in his mind or a feeling he wants to express. From there, he starts working on creating the artwork, experimenting with different techniques and materials until he achieves the desired result.

His work has been exhibited in art galleries in Spain and other countries, and has been very well received by both the public and critics. At only 31 years old, Okova has already achieved great success in the art world and it is expected that his work will continue to evolve and surprise audiences in the future.