Lorenzo Quinn (Rome, 1966) is a renowned contemporary Italian artist who, overcome by the need to observe the energies that fill life with meaning, turns to avant-garde figurative sculpture to express to the world his passion for storytelling.

"I wanted to sculpt what is considered the most technically challenging part of the human body: the hands." This symbol and its various expressive recreations form the core of an artistic production that crosses borders. Venice, Shanghai, Cannes, Majorca and Giza are just some of the many cities that have witnessed his exhibitions.

"Hands have a lot of power: they love, hate, create and destroy".

Profound, evocative and existential: Lorenzo Quinn's work represents his eagerness to communicate the basic values of life. An artistic expression of Italian excellence that inspires and is inspired by the authenticity of small moments.

"I conceive my works in writing and the resulting poetic text is displayed alongside the sculpture as an integral piece of my creation." Facing the silence of a blank page is part of Quinn's creative process. The thoughts that are put down on paper are the soul of his inventiveness, because his purpose is none other than to get society to discover and understand the story behind each of them.

Family, the undisputed heart of his art, and masters such as Michelangelo, Bernini and Rodin, are the great references of his trajectory.