Born in 1961 by the sea in the heart of the Spanish port town of Alicante, Nuria Miro has an innate understanding of the ever-changing moods of the Mediterranean shores. Growing up amidst the narrow streets of the old city of Barrio de la Cruz, with the medieval Castillo de Santa Barbara overlooking the idyllic coastline, she developed a deep connection to her surroundings. As a child, she would often find herself lost in reverie, gazing at the clouds as they cast delicate shadows over the sun-drenched Spanish landscape.

The influences of her childhood memories are evident in Miro's artwork, where long shadows play a prominent role in her dreamy, sun-bleached compositions. Her intimate knowledge of the coastal scenery imbues her paintings with a sense of authenticity and nostalgia.

In addition to her solo pursuits, Miro is married to the renowned painter Antonio Garcia, whose talent and influence have contributed to her development as an artist. Together, they share adjoining studios where they inspire and collaborate with each other. While Miro's work often reflects her upbringing in Alicante, she also draws inspiration from the tranquil beauty of Ibiza, a theme that is evident in some of her pieces.

Furthermore, he mentioned that his creative process often begins with an image in his mind or a feeling he wants to express. From there, he starts working on creating the artwork, experimenting with different techniques and materials until he achieves the desired result.

His work has been exhibited in art galleries in Spain and other countries, and has been very well received by both the public and critics. At only 31 years old, Okova has already achieved great success in the art world and it is expected that his work will continue to evolve and surprise audiences in the future.