Alfredo Candela embarked on his artistic journey by enrolling in painting studies at the School of Fine Arts in Alcoy before relocating to Valencia. It was in Valencia where his affinity for marine subjects flourished, becoming one of his primary areas of expertise. His mastery of color, whether in cool or warm tones, is evident in his vibrant and luminous seascapes, alongside his adeptness with floral themes and landscapes.

Despite his age, Alfredo remains committed to honing his craft and is currently pursuing further studies at the University of Valencia to refine his artistic skills. In his quest for growth and relevance in the contemporary art scene, he actively explores new trends, targeting the modern and youthful market.

While he may not have extensively pursued solo exhibitions, Alfredo has been a regular contributor to various group exhibitions. His artistic journey began with showcases in cultural centers, banks, and official institutions, with his inaugural solo exhibition held in 1981.