Spanish artist Xavi Carbonell invites viewers to enter a colorful and peculiar universe in his lively, compelling paintings. Inspired by children’s sketches, his subconscious, and artists likeJean-Michel Basquiat, Antonio Saura, and Cy Twombly, Carbonell is interested in the artistic process and subject matter of children’s art. Made with pure emotions, his works are left untitled to engage with viewers and allow them to form their own narratives; incorporating splotches of color, scribbling lines, and figures that appear as though they have been created by a child.Gestural abstraction enables Cabornell to best articulate his thoughts and emotions.

He has been selected for numerous awards including the XIII Painting Prize 2012 University of Murcia, the Third Biennial of Engraving Etching 2011 Valladolid, and the Bancaja Prizes for Painting.