This Spanish-born artist studied Fine Arts and mastered sculpture in wood, stone, and metal. He draws inspiration from Andalusian painters, the Provençal school, as well as themes from Russian and Ukrainian artists. Beyond visual arts, he is also a composer, author, performer, poet, and actor, finding solace and creativity in his guitar and painting. His artworks, much like his music, are poetic expressions of nature, light, and the warm colors of the south.

His sensitivity and passion for his homeland are evident in his sculptures and paintings, which often depict Iberian landscapes. He strives to capture the essence of his subjects, projecting relief with generosity and simplicity, yet with powerful and delicate refinement that contributes to contemporary figurative art. His landscapes seem to be bathed in the light of the southern sun.

The artist is constantly evolving towards a solidification of structures, a distinct style, and originality. His works have been exhibited in various prestigious venues including La Bastille in Paris, Omniun Gallery in Barcelona, Playa de Aro, Arte Gallery in Alicante, Palma de Mallorca, as well as in permanent exhibitions in Paris, St. Tropez, Prague, Montreal, Kiev, Megeve, and Rome, including the Peugeot Foundation in Paris.