Casas is a vocational artist and from a very early age felt a need to paint. He focuses his work on still lifes, in which he masterly captures a broad range of tones and light, with a hyper-realist result.

He understands the hyper-realism with a great simplicity and the quality of his works is extraordinary. Among his favorite subject are shells and the origami. His preference is to work with simple subjects on a small scale. He paints with the oil technique in canvas or wood.

He has been in numerous exhibitions and competitions. His pieces have been exhibited in public and private galleries on a permanent basis. Additionally, he has been awarded with several prizes and medals.
His participation in popular art exhibitions gave him a good position and we can highlight the following:

** “Sala Sánchez” - Sevilla
** El Corte Inglés Gallery - Valencia.
** UNESCO Exposition room - Alicante.
** Masters Art Gallery – Palma, Mallorca.