Fernanz has always been a very creative individual. He began to develop his artistic skills and creative talent when he was very young. This artist is focused on his abstract style, it being the main theme in his artistic career. His style is full of colors and contrasts, and his brushstrokes are bold and strong. In his work, there is a lot of movement. 

He has a great mastery of color, as well as of mixes and combinations, which make his pieces of works really captivating. He usually makes his artworks using several layers of paint and matte finishes. 

Fernanz´s works are full of textures and different effects. His technique is mixed media since he mixes a wide variety of materials such as oils, acrylics, inks, gouache, pencils, etc in all his artworks. 

He is self-taught and up to this date he carries on learning and improving his skills. He also does  research to continue updating his knowledge. It is noteworthy though, that he had the opportunity of being trained by some of the best Art teachers in Alicante.