List of artworks by artist Candela

Alicante, Spain. 1959.

Candela was born in a town of Alicante,  Spain in 1959. He commenced his first painting studies at the School of Fine Arts in his town, then moved to Valencia. It was here where he developed his preference for marine subjects, which have grown to become his signature genre. Alfredo dominates the canvas- both in cool tones and the warmest hues that one can observe at Spain’s bright and luminous marinas. Now working in sculptural media and acrylic, he has recently started adding a 3-dimensional element to each canvas to further expresses his vibrant and joyful life on Spain’s coast.

Despite his age, Alfredo is still studying at the University of Valencia- always building on his artistic skills. Working with astute professors as well as young, forward- thinking artists, Alfredo continues to evolve the focus of his work.

Upon his first steps as an artista, Candela  took part in over 100 national and regional exhibitions in his country. Currently his work adorns cultural centers, banks and official institutions in both Spain and Mexico.

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