List of artworks by artist Julio Vizcaíno

México, 1986

Julio Vizcaíno was born in Mexico D.F. in 1986. When he was 13 years old dreamed of being an aeronautic engineer and his main hobby was to draw airplanes and rockets sketches. His teachers soon noticed his fondness and natural gift for artistic expression and encouraged him to enter the school of plastic arts in 2000 where he shows a great sensitivity and ease for drawing and painting live models. In 2001 and 2002 studies the pastel technics and in 2004 the Assistant Principal of the National Art School of Mexico asked him to improve his knowledge and skills in the classic painting. Eventually he graduates in 2010 and starts his career as a professional painter producing large murals in hotels and churches of Morelia and Mexico DF as well. 

In 2017 he decides to travel to Europa to learn of the classic and modern masters and in the early days of 2018 he meets the famous Spanish hyperrealistic painter Pedro Campos whose advices and teachings are decisive for him to choose this form of artistic expression with which he is at present commited. 

His recent works have also been very successful in the British art market where several top art galleries are already exhibiting them . Right now, 2019, the artist is gathering images of the Northern Rail train stations in the line following the Adrian Wall between Scotland and England to paint four commissions related with the different light shades in every season of the year.

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