List of artworks by artist Okova

Alicante, 1992.

Born into a family of artists. Surrounded  by paintings, brushes and different creations Okova , an extremely creative person himself,  decided, as a teenager to develop his artistic skills and creativity further .

Step by step, he has  grown as  an artist, therefore finding his very own style. He has develop a very   personal abstract style, full of daring colours and brushstrokes. His art makes you feel different,  it can transport you to another dimension , to unknown places , wherever your imagination wants to take you. 

It also adds  elegance and style to any  given space. 

He is admired in  the  Scandinavian countries .It is for this reason, that  we can find most of his artworks in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.  But also, in England, USA, Germany, Spain, etc. 


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