List of artworks by artist Eduardo Romaguera

Valencia, 1976

Eduardo Romaguera practices painting, photography, sculpture and the arts of video.  Thanks to a scholarship by the Mexican government, he did an exchange in Mexico, and then finished his studies in visual arts in Valencia. He currently lives and works in Marseille, France.

In his pictorial compositions, Eduardo Romaguera evolved in a figurative universe, in which he developed his artistic language. He lets himself be guided by his inspiration, painting what he loves. The city is therefore a fertile source of inspiration, whether it is Marseille or New York. "That is my particular way of doing things. You should note that this process of creating a canvas is not completely mechanical, it is necessary to take into account several different parameters simultaneously. Poetry unites them, makes them timeless and allows me to transmit a thought in a transparent way", says the artist about his work.

His work has been selected and rewarded several times, Eduardo Romaguera is internationally famous. He has exhibited his work in galleries in France, Spain, in the USA, India, Canada, Italy and Sweden among others.

Marzo 2018 Gallería Artbox Zürich, The armony Show, Chelsea, N.Y., USA.

Mayo 2017 Hoteles Eurostars, Gran Valencia, Dpto. Arte, Valencia, España.

Marzo 2016 “Festival de la jeune photographie européenne” CENTQUATRE-PARIS, Paris, France.

Dec. 2015 “Art and Photography”, Miami, USA.

Nov. 2015 Seoul New York Photo Festival, N.Y. USA

. Oct. 2015 “The last picture show” Power House Arena, Brooklyn, N.Y. USA.

March 2015 Exhibición “Tributo al Surrealismo”. Centro de Bellas Artes, Tenerife, España

Mayo 2015 Galería H2O, IX Festival Internacional Video Art,Barcelona, España. Jan. –

March 2015, Aula Cultura CAM La Llotgeta, Valencia, España. 

Junio 2015 Louvre Paris (Scope program) Paris, France. 

Dec. 2014 Gallería Arps & Co ´The Rite of Spring´ Amsterdam, Holland.

Nov. 2014 Exp. Collectiva Palais Universitaire Strasbourg, France.

Aug. 2014 Exhibición Arte Contemporáneo Internacional 2014, Jaipur, India.

Dec. 2012 “The Doors” Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Medellín, Colombia.

March 2012 Gallería Cimaise, “Poems” 2012. Ginebra, Suiza. Aug. 2012 “Tu Berlin por mi Valencia”, Asme Gallería, Berlín, Alemania.

Jan. 2012 Galería Andiamo, “Au Seuil du Reve”, Marsella, Francia.

Nov. 2011 Galería “Diseño al Cubo”, Valencia, Spain. “Container Inside”, Ciudad de la Cultura, Galicia, España.

Oct. 2011 Galería “Espacio La Mutante”. Valencia. Spain. Galería Ar-cade, Marsella, Francia.

June 2011 Festival “Incubarte” (Instituto Francés), , Valencia, Spain

March 2011 Semana de Arte Contemporáneo Art 2011 / Mar de Plata, Argentina.

May 2011 “Espacio Menosuno” – Proyecto “Sobradamente Instantáneo”, Madrid

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