List of artworks by artist Alcaraz

Alicante, Spain, 1979.

He was born in Alicante, Spain, in 1979. 

When he was very young he had to move to Madrid.  It was in this city where he began to feel curiosity for the art, and he realized he wanted to be an artist. So he started his career of Fine Arts in the capital of Spain, Madrid. He started to learn and to improve his technique until he became a really good artist.

Since this moment, he has been improving his technique more and more. Within the oil technique, Alcaraz dominates many different themes.  Althought his specialty is directed towards the boulevards theme. In this theme, the artist gets the effect of vibrating because of his colourful sharpness. The artist perfectly conjugates the soft tones with the strong ones. With this way to paint, the artist is looking  for a harmonic ensemble and it is for sure that he gets this in every canvas he paints.

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